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Rocco’s Philadelphia Inspired Cheesesteak Food Trucks in Phoenix

When you think of Philadelphia, what do you think of? The Liberty Bell? Rocky Balboa? Independence Hall? Cream Cheese? Or… the Philly Cheesesteak, perhaps?

The Philly Cheesesteak was created in Philadelphia in 1930s. At its inception, it was made by combining frizzled beef and onions in a small loaf of bread. It has gone through many incarnations through the years, including the additions of: cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, grilled peppers, and the substitution of chicken or pork for the original beef.

By why should Philadelphia have all the fun? From the “City of Brotherly Love” to the “Valley of the Sun” we’ve brought Philadelphia inspired cheesesteaks to Phoenix! Come see what innovative and new varieties of cheesesteaks we’ve created that will make you say: “Viva Rocco’s”!


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